April 27: Monster

The lab; In the name of the light; The man in gray


The lab

Night light filters through the blinds, illuminating
a dusky haze permeating in the lab, dappling
across snaking plans hanging down tables and
the radio warbles soothing noises: I thought
about my legacy, how to make an impression in
an age where everything is ordinary—
I hunted through crumbling lore, searching…

I thought of a majestic beast at first: a unicorn, whose
presence would invigorate our suffocating lands—
but her value is small in a world of hunters, her fate to
become just another treasure trove to plunder; her blood
studied, her magic trampled by a throng of curiosity,
her suffering deemed necessary in the name of knowledge:
a myth resurrected, and then a hushed footnote in a grave.

Perhaps, then, a beast majestic and laced with cruelty,
a survivor to unleash destruction raining down on our
complacent civilization: a dragon to balance the power,
and bring fear back into the sights of cognizance—
but I fear, in an age where killing is as simple as breathing,
my dragon would fall from the sky, screaming, and then
I come back to where I began: sitting fuming in a dusty lab.

The indignity of this cramped space, with a broken
typewriter and a lamp that sputters finally struck a spark—
and I knew I was on the right track: I needed a monster,
one that lacked the obvious traits everyone expects, a hidden
killer that could shake the world and connect us all again,
one to drive fear into our hearts and birth bravery, an
age where legends will be born to heal us of our sickness.

I began mixing arrogance with a touch of morbidity, and I
made sure my creature had no sympathy for the weak; he will
hunt the good in us and eviscerate it, and toy with feelings with
a casual indifference: a master manipulator to always get what
he wants – a closed perspective, a touch of immaturity for
malleability; but he will be strong through sweetness and
seductive grace – a champion of humanity in disgrace.

I unleashed my creature in the night, but to my horror he began
breeding – he slipped into people’s hearts and murdered their
ability to see more than their own lusts, he forced their hands
to one another – and it just kept going on, this unstoppable chaos;
but after a time, rocking back and forth in my lab, listening to
the radio’s calm tunes – I realized, to my shock, that nothing
had truly changed: the monster I’d created already existed…


April 27, 2014

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In the name of the light

A circle of decaying leaves marks the place of victory: a girdle
around a rotting abode reigning in the vicious mire abandoned,
its magnificence a faded scent snatched up by shrieking winds,
tussling the gravestone where the heart of the forest is buried—
I sought a memory of a sun-dappled meadow, and
instead I found myself stranded – as I crawled into a hollow
at that relic’s feet, I glanced up to see terrible lightning:

For in the name of the light this place was forsaken,
in the name of all that is good there was no mercy given, and
now, in the name of a blameless massacre of things that do not feel:
I am left to be blinded by the naked light striking at my heels.

A crumbling ledge gives way to plunge the last struggling weed,
I came to see the lush valley of secrets with primeval pools welling—
now a dry riverbed that carries me to the feet of the looming lord,
a figure that crushes with a core loosened in sorrow: stones
tumble at me with the rictus snarl of vengeance, but the avalanche
is the purest blanket of death: I fled into the heart of the mountain,
but that heart cracked and sunlight stabbed through to me:

For in the name of the light this place was stripped,
in the name of all that is good, the undesirables were thinned, and
now, in the name of a balance upset in pure jest:
I am left to be crushed by an opened heart in the mountain’s chest.

I wandered through a city of splendors, where nameless things
huddle in silent torment unseen, they scuttle at a look, but mostly
are cloaked in the shadows clinging to the periphery; but none
take heed, for the glitter is blinding to the people who stream by,
they are all laughing in unison, enjoying the blessings of the light:
and yet, there is a shadow lurking behind their eyes,
and I begin to see the monstrosity of my kin I had so long denied:

For in the name of the light, ignorance is blessed,
in the name of all that is good, only small deeds are noticed, and
now, in the name of all the things that die without a voice:
I am left wondering how the heart of the people bleeds so cold…


April 27, 2014

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The man in gray

Fine smiles that never reach the eyes only
means there’s deeper to dig, and the charm
of that beauty is a magnet to every woman
who passes by the man in gray; he’s never
feared isolation, though he seems lonely—
an affliction everyone would remedy, had
they their way; alas, visitations are cut short,
because a monster is loose on the streets, a
stalker, a ripper with a dreadful cunning—
we look to the man in gray for protection,
but find him with an odd expression on his
perfect porcelain face – and, inexplicably,
he smiles for once a smile that reaches his
eyes, leaving us transfixed and terrified; he
runs as fast as any, though, shoving aside
everyone else – but one look at his face, one
glimpse of the soul he hides behind smiles—
I cannot fathom what he runs from: to see a
monster, he needs only to look in a mirror—
or has he hidden his true face in the attic?


April 27, 2014

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