April 8: Violent/peaceful

The formula


The formula

balance is the decisive observer, that blends
right and wrong with a pattern of chaos,
the lifeblood of the universe, omnipresent
and callous to our wants:
balance sets the cost.

betrayal is the blade that digs deepest,
a crushing of a seed planted in harmony,
the force that drives the sane to insanity and
puts us into dreamless sleep:
betrayal is the key.

blood is the price exacted, when words
have failed and damnation is accepted,
when reason is left adrift a sea of anguish
and the essence is stolen:
blood is cold vengeance.

breath is all that is left when the curtains fall,
the last bow to an empty theater, a slow
ethereal glimpse into the beginning and end
and only silence reigns:
a single breath is all that is left to say.


April 8, 2014

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