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Photo: Mihály Imre, Anguhlight Photography

Who am I? (And why is this page called "Biosketch", anyway? It's either a biography or not!)

My name is Lucy K. Melocco-Imre, I am a philologist in English studies with a BA from the University of Szeged. I am freelance translator/interpreter (my primary languages are English and Hungarian, though I am a student of German, Italian, Japanese, French, Polish, Gaelic and some other languages, in chronological order of proficiency), writer, poet, website designer, game designer, occasional photography model and English teacher. (The answer is simple: this is a mere sketch of a biography which needs many more details to give anyone a real clue above and beyond my sense of humor as to who I really am.)


What are my goals?

One of my primary goals in life is to divine the secrets of genre fiction, which is the subject of my BA thesis (entitled: Folklore of the New Age: Fantasy and Sci-Fi and can be found on my website here), by studying it academically, writing it and exploring it in every other way humanly possible. I am an ardent fan of books, movies/series and video games, usually within the genre fiction scope, but not necessarily to the exclusion of all else (though a mouse might starve on the difference - I have not tested this theory). As I regard genre fiction an element of modern folklore, I am fascinated by not just what exists in the here and now, but also what roots it has in mythology, folktales, fairytales, legends, etc. My preferred method of study is a combination of anthropology, psychology and philosophy, and though my work so far has been focused on largely a literary point of view, I intend to expand that to include media not explored fully in my thesis, as I believe there much they can offer.

I also want to become an astronomer one day. Since I was about 6 I've wanted to be one, but writing is more important.


What can be found on this site?

Translator's Page:

I have added my professional Translator's Page, with some brief information of the type of work I have done, my qualifications and other useful knowledge I have that can help my work as a translator. I have recently joined the ATA as well, I will be adding connectivity soon!


One of my primary motivations to really start this site is to expose my poetry work, seeing as so far I've had little opportunity to do so. Currently, my recent participation in Robert Brewer's Poetic Asides blog's contest found on the Writer's Digest website is uploaded here, too, for those of my readers who wish to peruse on my magnificent blog-esque website. I plan to add some older pieces of my work that I do not intend to publish necessarily in the regular fashion, since I have a quick way to share it here, as well as recent pieces (when new ones are uploaded, the link will be active and the front page will have an update under Poetry News).


No, I don't intend to put up my completed works that I intend to publish, but I had planned to share snippets, either from discontinued works for my readers' amusement, or from pieces that have a boulder of writer's block lodged on its back that has gathered the dust of decades. One decade, at least. Also, I intend to share any great news regarding my publications, when Lady Moira weaves such a glorious net for me.


I decided to upload my thesis and my related thoughts in one place, which can primarily be found under my Rhetorics section. Also, my more spiritual studies shall be explored under that section as well, entitled Moirian Studies (coming soon). Each of the categories are mere shells at this juncture, apart from my thesis and the newly updated Articles page, but I plan to invest time into honing them into something significant in the future, in each area; primarily, this is a collection of all my ramblings - both serious and inconsequential - in one place. The serious parts I have more serious plans with, and input is welcome on the thoughts I will share there. The spiritual writings are a completely different direction of studies that fascinate me, though I am toning it down to a mere theoretical approach for the time being (this was the original function of this website, which I have repurposed to reflect more than just a small part of my existence).


As the name implies, this is a gushing warren of delightfulness: links to other pages that fascinate me, pictures that I have taken in the fascinating places I have travelled and lived in, sketches and something approaching actual art I've created (other than writings), and anything else that grabs my fancy and does not fit anywhere else. It's a work in progress.


Do I accept orders?

If orders entails joining someone as a minion in an elaborate plot to infiltrate a Martian base on the Moon... no. Unless I'm in charge. For translations, website designs, lessons and most especially anything to do with writing: most definitely; my contact info can be found roughly an inch below this sentence. Feedback is also most welcome!


As promised: